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Maritime Law (Admiralty Law)

Admiralty Law or Maritime Law or Boating Law is a governing body of law that controls and deals with matters concerning both domestic and international maritime activities. It comprises of both a domestic law pertaining to a country that singles out ocean activities within its borders as well as an international law controlling private entities that operate activities between navigable waters of the world.

Although each country, state offers its own legislation within its jurisdiction to cover all maritime affairs, recent years have seen a significant change in international law with numerous multilateral treaties allowing for one singular, accepted law. READ MORE »

Features of Maritime Law

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Maritime Tort Lien
Maritime Tort Lien in Maritime Law refers to legal claims that arise due to maritime death and personal injuries where the wrongdoer is prosecuted in rem or in personam. In simple language, it is proprietary lien against the owner who is brought to book by taking action against him as a person (in personam) or against the vessel (in rem).

Maintenance and cure
It is obligatory on the ship-owner to provide medical care to his seamen free of charge (medical expenses and basic living expenses), in the course of his employment until the seaman reaches... READ MORE »

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Maritime law or Admiralty mean?
Ans: Admiralty Law or Maritime Law is a governing body that controls maritime activities in domestic as well as international waters. These laws include safeguarding of seamen, vessels and dealing with marine commerce in navigable waters.

2. What is the Jones Act?
Ans: The Jones Act is a federal maritime law devised to protect the interests of seamen who face injuries and accidents while on duty. It is a kind of workers insurance for merchant mariners, harbor pilots, oilrig employees among others who make their living at the sea.

3. As a seaman, do I need an admiral attorney?
Ans: If you have been injured at sea and are rejected compensation then you need an admiral attorney who will represent your lawsuit under the Jones Act or any other suitable act.

Important Maritime Acts

Jones Act: Jones Act is an internationally accepted law passed in the United States in 1920. Officially known as the Merchant Marine Act, it is a very important law since it protects and safeguards the interests of the seamen in case they are injured or face compensation issues while on work. The law is named after Wesley Jones who was instrumental in getting it passed in the United States Congress.

Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA): Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) takes on the responsibility of deceased seaman in case the cause of his death was a wrongful event occurred on the high seas.READ MORE »